June 1, 2015
Post Shoot Update


Hello friends, fans and lovers!

May. Was. Crazy.

We shot some amazing footage and are that much closer to being finished. Murphy’s Law was in full force, kicking our asses left and right, so we had to think on our feet adapt and roll with the punches.


Meta. The director watches Nicole at the “Photos of my Nipples” exhibit.

We lost our very first location on our very first day on our very first take of our very first shot! It was disheartening, but we forged ahead, and wrapped our the other 10 locations we had scheduled. As a result, we will need to do one more week of shooting (we’re hoping for July or August) but in the meantime we’re editing what we have and it looks!


Mindy Sterling (aka Frau Fabissina from “Austin Powers”) as Rachel’s mom! © MJ Katz

Thanks for your continued support, we love you guys and can’t wait to share this labor of love with you!

<3 Bryn

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