One of our main characters, Nicole Weinberg, is a famous (in her own mind) photographer. In the film we get to see two of her exhibits. The first is “Photos of my Nipples,” Nicole believes that just as windows are the eyes to the soul, nipples are the eyes to the heart, so she tries to get a nip pic of every new person she meets.


Painting: Nip by David Early

The second is “Lovers/Bed.” More than just a display of her sexcapades, the collection shows, visually, many different expressions of what a “lover” looks like. The following pictures can be seen in the film and were taken by some very talented photographers.



A man knows his place 350





HSOTB-1039(small_edit) 350pxHSOTB-1159(small_edit) 350px

HSOTB-1166(small_edit) 350px

HSOTB-1470(small_edit) 350pxHSOTB-1346(small_edit) 350px


HSOTB-1508(small_edit) copy 2-300px

Lovers_Bed Rachel and Nicole 350px


James Pratt of Actor’s Choice Photography (


Photograph by Joseph Philipson © Joseph Philipson. All Rights Reserved







Joe Philipson of Philipson Photography (

Lovers_Bed Trev and Rachel 350px

 Drew Paslay

Lovers_Bed Professor and Nicole 350px

Second Choice from professor series350px

Michael Underwood of Underwood Pix



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