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Friendship. Love. Shattered dreams. Breakfast cereals. Complicated relationships with professors. Bikers. Photos of nipples. New beginnings.

Rachel, a recently dumped 20-something writer is guided by her best friend, Nicole, in overcoming her heartbreak, but after sharing an intimate night together, their friendship is forever changed.


Coming of Age

Armed with raunchy wit and beautifully foul mouths, Rachel and Nicole set off to find inspiration and explore new opportunities… including each other. The film is a provocative un-love story for the 21st century with a cast of unforgettable characters who explore whether relationships and sex are really as mutually exclusive as we’d like them to be.



Two girlfriends push the boundaries of their sexuality and their friendship when they share an intimate night together. A fluid sexual paradigm is explored by way of carnal knowledge and new perspectives. “Her Side Of The Bed” explores both the social and personal collateral damage garnered when pursuing an “alternative sexual lifestyle”.

Women filmmakers

A team of up-and-coming young, women filmmakers present “Her Side Of The Bed” – a female focused film centered on sexual identity and pushing the boundaries of societal norms.

Real women

“Her Side Of The Bed” is about two girls who could be your roommates, friends, even one-night-stands. This film presents characters who look as real as the subject matter is relatable. As these women learn more from their mistakes than their successes, viewers are invited into the experience by seeing a bit of themselves on screen and celebrating life’s beautiful imperfections.

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